This editorial featuring Julia Jamin from L’officiel Paris (August 2014) just screams vintage luxury! Photography by Baard Lunde, and styling by Vanessa Bellugeon.

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Konnichiwa Cowboy

Sissi Hou for an editorial for Schön! #25. Photography by Michael Flores, and styling by Kisha Jones.

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Smooth Operator


Let’s drop the weather talk and just focus on how exquisite Shanina Shaik looks in this Marie Claire Australia (August 2014) editorial. Photography by David Gubert, and styling by Valeryi Yong.

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Style Cruise

This is one of the few occassions that I post something under Homme. I actually don’t have any interest in men’s fashion, no matter how gorgeous the male models are. But with this GQ Japan (August 2014) editorial, I’m going to make an exception. It’s a given that Jarrod Scott is one gorgeous male model. Plus, I really like theme of this editorial. Styling by Grant Pearce and Jacky Tam, photography by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca.

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Into the Wild

I am so ecstatic in seeing autumn-themed editorials as early as July — technically it’s the August issue, but whatever. And this Vogue China (August 2014) editorial featuring Kendra Spears and Elisabeth Erm is no exception. Styling by Elin Svahn, and photography by Emma Summerton.

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